The continent on which our story is held is a long forgotten place called Serra. Serra was a peacefull continent, a place where creatures from all over the multiverse could find solitude and safety. One day, a Demon Overlord named Grarm decided that Serra was as good a place as any to set up a base of operations in the never-ending war between Demons and Celestials.
Averon, this campaigns main diety, is the first celestial to grace the material plane with his pressence. He was once an ordinary traveler who was cut down by the Demon Grarm himself. The Gods saw that Averon had a destiny greater than most. Thusly, when they saw that Grarm was becoming a threat, they decided to turn him into a celestial. Averon went back down to the continent of Serra to do battle with Grarm. The battle was fierce, and many lives were sacrificed on both sides for what both sides considered to be the greater good. In the end, after 2 long years, Averon finally defeated Grarm and sealed him away. But the battle was too much for Averon, and he fell almost as soon as the sealing spell had been placed. In the here and now(2000 years later) there are groups of bandits at every turn. The creatures can no longer count upon Serra to provide for them, and most steal what they can to survive. There is one extremist group however, who have decided it is high-time to resurect Grarm from his imprisonment. Statues of Averon have been placed in all of the major Kingdoms on the continent. In addition, there are 6 majical items hidden throughout Serra. These items were forged by Averon himself before he ventured towards the final battle with Grarm. They are known as Wisdom of Averon, Armor of the Celestial Being, Ring of Celestial Might, Cloak of Safe Haven, Helmet of Clarity, and Ring of Celestial Defense. Also, I am allowing the use of the Half-Celestial race as a race without a level adjustment. But you will not be getting an ability increases when you level up

Purpose and Reason

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